Collaboration of Atılım University and Politecnico Di Bari

Atılım University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture will jointly organize a workshop titled The First International Summer Academy, SELF MADE ARCHITECTURE 01 with the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Politecnico Di Bari on July 7-16, 2013 in Bari, Italy.

The workshop will go on for two years and within the context of SELF MADE ARCHITECTURE 01 there will be theoretical and practical studies on the construction site.

There will also be a simultaneous comparison of different experiences:

Stick Frame Construction, the “Saracena” Constructive System and the Prefabricated Modular Building.

The works will be carried out on three different sites simultaneously and there will a comparison of 3 different building traditions which will enable the participants to learn how the constructions are carried out. There will also be a visit to the architectural sites of Bari.

Students from the Department of Architecture and Dr. Sevgi Lökçe and Instructor Melike Orhan from Atılım University will take part in the workshop, along with 20 architectural students from the Bari Politecnico.

Atılım University will host the next year’s event “SELF MADE ARCHITECTURE 02”.