About Faculty

Fine Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty of Atılım University was founded in 2007. There are five departments from the fields of design in the faculty: Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Fashion and Textile Design, Architecture, Industrial Product Design and Fine Arts & Elective Courses. These departments gathered in the same faculty to support each other and offer a creative atmosphere. Students have a chance to choose elective courses form different departments and to improve themselves according to their interests.

In addition to departments with undergraduate studies; Interior Architecture and Environmental Design department has also a graduate program. Integrated Architecture PHD program has started in 2012 Fall Semester. The PHD program allows focusing on “Architectural Design”, “Building Science” and “Conservation-Restoration”. Besides to students with a graduate degree, students who have an undergraduate degree from architecture and other design disciplines can join the PHD program.
Widely known Erasmus Student Exchange Program; the students of the faculty have been getting ready for the international platform.

FADA faculty aims to create programs that will be the best 10 in Turkey and also are renown by creating high performance areas at the national and global  levels by contribution scientific and artistic researches and fulfill their responsibilities to the society.

FADA Faculty believes in the strenght of interdisciplinary approaches and cooperation of design and other fields that are studying environment which is essential in order to be understand the nature of challenges of the 21 century. FADA faculty aims to train and educate qualified  and well-equipped individuals conscious on making his/her own mark to the future.